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Traffic Jam

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As cyclists, being on the road side by side with motor vehicles, this gives us a lot of time to admire many of the finer details of cars we pass. This design pays homage to some of our favorite vehicles, with a message of coexistence on the road.
About the Collection
Our latest limited collection is inspired by the many different modes of transport people use everyday. The detailed designs also have a simple and light hearted message aimed at diffusing the sometimes tense situation on the road between cyclists and motorists: "INCREASE THE PEACE".
At Attaquer we believe that creating wearable art can change the way people feel and relate to their surroundings. Our Limited Collections aim to challenge the status quo of how we view and interact with art and create new perspectives, a way of showing a different side of who you are. Be Your Alter Ego.

Benefits & Features

Attaquer Traffic Jam detail
Attaquer Traffic Jam detail
Attaquer Traffic Jam detail