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Chintz Sports

Chintz Sports

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Sentimental and homely, chintzy florals and check patterns were a common feature of home furnishings throughout the 70s and 80s on both sides of the Iron Curtain.

Drawing the indoors outside via sportswear, Chintz Sports echoes the honest beauty of everyday domesticity through a combination of its floral and checkerboard motifs.

About Season 10: The Iron Curtain

Born in a world outside modern city limits, this season explores the raw streetwear style that has evolved from gritty suburbia.

The range taps into the retro sports aesthetic that emerged from both sides of the Iron Curtain in the late 80s and early 90s.

Ironically, as their elders postured and engaged in brinksmanship with the fate of the world, the youth on both sides of the curtain developed fashion styles that reflected their similarities, rather than their differences.

The warmth of the suburban home, pubs and social clubs gave birth to the terrace style of 90s casualwear.

Youth culture drew on heritage sports brands and football looks to create a style that contrast against the drab exteriors of council flats and apartment blocks they inhabited.

Today, in an era driven by tech, we still embrace the nostalgia for the analogue aesthetic of late 20th century sports design. Season 10 connects these two via powerful graphics and vibrant colours as we emerge into this new, post-internet era.

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